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DENTAL SURGERY is located in room No47 in Albena medical Center and has more than 20 years experience with foreign guests. Here you can find all the procedures and solutions for your dental problems. The cabinet is equipped with a contemporary dental chair "Siemens. The peripheral equipment is also produced by famous companies.

We provide wide range of dental services:
- Digital X-ray diagnostics
- Cleaning of tartar with ultrasound and air-powder polishing of teeth
- Photopolymers ceramic fillings and restoration of dental defects
- Aesthetic restoration of teeth with metal-free or metal-ceramic structures and protheses
- Cleaning caries without pain and treatment of dental canals.

Albena is one of the most beautiful and picturesque resorts on the Bulgarian Black-Sea coast. Surrounded by dense green forest and a crystal clear turquoise sea, Albena has much to offer to its guests. The Medical center consists of an Emergency department and specialized departments. We are the only resort in Bulgaria that have organized a reanimation center on the beach, which keeps constant mobile connection with the Medical Center "Medica-Albena"

For information: +359 888 510 636

Working time:
Monday-Friday     09:00-12:00&14:30-17:00
Saturday-Sunday 09:00-12:00

Doctor Angel Demirev has over 30 years of experience in the field of the surgical dentistry. A big part of his professional development is dedicated to acquire knowledge in the field of the aesthetic dentistry and the endodontics, and their implementation into practice In his practice D-r Demirev demonstrates the importance of the good root treatment, the benefit from the high quality recovery and the perfect appearance of the teeth. He is graduated and he is experienced in professional implantology, laser therapy, surgery interventions and curettage of the periodontium as well."



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