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    Piano bar under the stars specially for the guests of Albena


    “Imagine”, “Simply The Best”, “Stand By Me” and “Hey Jude” will be performed by Mihaela Eftimova (vocals), Georgi Shopov (vocals) and Nelko Kolarov (piano) in the open air under the stars, specially for all guests of Albena. 


    Well-known and admired pianist by the admirers of piano bar music, Nelko Kolarov was born in 1959 in Varna. In 1980 he is admitted to the State Conservatory, a year later he becomes a member of Impulse band. He composes most of the hits of the band such as "Autumn Birds”, “Dream” and “If you leave for just a moment”. After graduating the conservatory, he becomes a conductor at the Opera house in Varna city. In 1990 the establishes the band Escort. 


    Towards the end of the 90s Kolarov conducted The Sofia Strings for Nikolo Kotzev's rock opera Nostradamus, which was released in 2001. During 2001 he records his first solo album- “Day of Wrath”. Since 2004 he is the pianist of the band Brazen Abbot and in 2007 he establishes the band Fobos.


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