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    Walk around with Mercedes-Benz 190 D – produced in 1966 – going back to the history of Albena


    Walk around with Mercedes-Benz 190 D – produced in 1966 – going back to the history of Albena

    The Mercedes-Benz 190 D Limousine, manufactured on 5th January 1966, is the new attraction for the guests of Albena. The silver retro vehicle with a red leather interior is parked next to Paradise Blue Hotel & Spa. Everybody can hop for the amount of 50 BGN per person, every day from 18:00 until 20:00. The experience is definitely worth it. It will bring you to Hotel Dobrudja. In “Panorama” cafe-pastry will welcome you with lovely smile and will recommend you a piece of cake /Sacher, Garash or Moskva/ and coffee, cold fresh of pear – our production or a glass of sparkling wine “Albena”. All this amid the impressive view that is revealed from the 15th floor.

    With the retro car you can take a short walk and even if you are choosing Albena holiday village for your wedding day. Behind the wheel, dressed in 60’s style is Dimitar Tashev who can tell a lot about the history of the holiday village.  It is a curious fact that the manufacturing year of the car coincides with the year when the chief designer of Albena – arch. Nikolay Nenov, chooses the place on which to build.

    On 18th January 1968 the first secretary of the Central Committee of the Bulgarian Communist Party and the Prime Minister of the Ministries Council – Todor Jivkov, and the President of the National Assembly – Georgi Traykov, symbolically made the first sod of the terrain. Nine hotels, four restaurants, two bars and the infrastructure to them are built for just over a year. On 24th August was its solemn opening. With the same Mercedes-Benz 190 D for the ceremony was arrived arch. Petko Todorov, the first chairman of the Tourism Committee in Bulgaria. According to Zhelyo Staykov, long-term manager of Albena and a leader in the system of the Tpurism Committee, arch. Todorov has a merit for the establishments of the tourism department in Varna which launched the training of members with higher education in the field of tourism. The number of tourists for this first season is 8600 and the number of nights is 103 888.

    For its 49-year history, Albena has not many managers. The first manager for 11 years is Zhelyo Staykov who has outstanding merits for the construction and establishment of the resort. After him, Rayno Mitev takes the post. One year later, Peter Apostolov was the head of the most modern tourist complex and remained there until 1989.

    Since then Albena has been run by Krasimir Stanev and it is no secret to anyone that it is his great love. This is proved by the position he occupies during the Albena privatization – the privatization of a whole not a piece. He keeps it all the way. Years later, the results confirm that he was absolutely right.

    The resort remained green and beautiful. The eco policy has a leading role in its development. Concrete did not get a chance. For the 20th time, the beach is recognized as one of the best in the world and is awarded the Blue Flag Award for 2018. More and more tourists choose Albena for a peaceful family holiday – magnificient place with the name of Yovkov’s heroine, unique and different as her.


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