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Parking in Albena


New parking police in Albena


With the aim of providing a pleasant and safe stay for families with children, elders and disabled people, eliminating conditions that may predispose to car accidents, reduction of traffic within the resort and protection of the environment, the following arrangements with regards to entry and parking will take place in holiday village Albena throughout season 2017:

  • Free stay - up to 30 minutes;
  • Free parking - next to Lazur hotel with entry from the route Albena-Balchik;
  • Paid parking - for stay over 30 minutes and less than 24 hours, as follows: 



Prices for 24 hours

Guests without accommodation- parking within the resort 

5.00 BGN

Guests without accommodation - parking Bus station

5.00 BGN

Accommodated guests without reserved parking lot

5.00 BGN For the whole stay plus 2 BGN per exit

Accommodated guests with reserved parking lot *

5.00 BGN for each day of stay

Guests without accommodation - "green" parking **

5.00 BGN onetime for stay to 24 hours


The above-mentioned prices are paid as follows:

  • Through PayStation machines placed within the area of the resort, which validate the tickets for exit up to 24 hours, received at the automatic barrier at the entrance, and provide a receipt;
  • At all hotel receptions within the resort;
  • Via text message to number 13579; Only services worth up to 5 BGN can be paid via text message.

Driver of a vehicle, who loses, damages, or destroys the ticket they have received at the automatic entrance barrier is required to pay 5 BGN per every 24 hours of stay on the territory of the resort and is provided with a receipt. 

*Reservations of parking space can be made in advance at: 0700 12 110 and at the reception of any hotel on the territory of holiday village Albena (after the start of the season). No amendments can be made on a reserved parking lot.  

** In effect from August 1 2017. Regarding stay over 45 min. on the territory of the "green" parking. The price is added to the price for entry.  


Карта на паркинги в Албена


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