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Guna Phoresis

Guna Phoresis

Medical programs GUNA PHORESIS
Artrofit at Flamingo Grand Hotel & Spa 5*

11 overnights & 10 procedural days
6 overnights & 5 procedural days

For healthy muscles, joints and bones - movement without pain!
The powerful natural healing factors would help you - sea climate, sea mud, mineral water, herbal essences, seaweeds and the experience of our experts - an opportunity to achieve good and long - term results in the recovery and prevention of the human health.

Rate for accommodation in Studio Deluxe:

  • 990 bgn. in a double room (11 overnights) on a full board basis
  • 1485 bgn. in a single room (11overnights) on a full board basis
  • 540 bgn. in a double room (6 overnights) on a full board basis
  • 810 bgn. in a single room (6 overnights) on a full board basis

Program Rate treatment
GUNA Phoresis Artrofit 5 days - Noninvasive collagen therapy 408 bgn
GUNA Phoresis Artrofit 10 days - Noninvasive collagen therapy 599 bgn
  • The rates are in bgn per person per night. for accommodation in a Studio Deluxe in hotel Flamingo Grand & Spa 5* or for single accommodation + on a half board basis incl. insurance, community, eco fee and 9% VAT.
  • The rate for all programs includes the below mentioned treatments
  • The package rate per person for each of the programs of Medica Vital Albena is formed by combining the package rate for accommodation together with the package rate for the treatments.
  • The above mentioned rates are subject to unilaterally changes by Albena Plc
  • All companions benefit from the standard rates and conditions for season 2018

An individualized rehabilitation program combing the typical natural - healing factors of Albena resort such as: sea climate, sea mud and mineral water.
It is suitable for suffering of: chronic inflammatory diseases of the locomotory system, the peripheral nervous system, some skin diseases, and degenerative changes in the joints - arthrosis, spinal deformities and osteoporosis.
The program is most preferred and most sought after by our patients: "Artrofit" is highly appreciated in Germany, France and Belgium. Over the years, hundreds have enjoyed it with very good results, and over 80% of them have stated their intention to continue using it for prevention and prophylaxis of the disease.

GUNA Phoresis Artrofit 5 days (Noninvasive collagen therapy)
An innovative program for prevention and prophylaxis from diseases of the locomotory system.
1 x Medical examination
5 x Hydro massage bath "Aroma" 15 min
3 x Partial massage 15 min
5 x GUNA Phoresis (collagen therapy) 15 min
5 x Healing gymnastics 30 min

GUNA Phoresis Artrofit 10 days (Noninvasive collagen therapy)
2 x Medical examination
5 x Hydro massage bath "Aroma" 15 min
5 x partial massage 15 min
10х GUNA Phoresis (collagen therapy) 15 min
10 Healing gymnastics 30 min
Our philosophy is unity between health and good self - confidence longevity and vitality.

The shown rates are net and include insurance, community fee and 9% VAT
For more information and reservations call us on: 0 700 12 110 (at the cost of a local call) 8:30-17:00


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