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Albena Vital


Vital Medika Albena Classic

11 nights / 10 days of procedures

Choose the healthy recreation, restore your physical balance, recharge with positive energy and learn to live better!


Obesity is often associated with health problems such as cardiovascular illnesses and diabetes. This affects the vitality of people, as well as the quality of life. The concept of Vital teaches not only how to reach your ideal weight, but also how to maintain it over time.


The program includes three basic complexes:


-         Complete examinations: 2 x medical examination, 1 x consultation with a cardiologist, 1 x laboratory research - cholesterol and blood glucose testing; 2 x calculation of the body mass index and body fat amount at the beginning and the end of the program;

-          Daily intense physical regime: 10 x morning gymnastics, 10 x water gymnastics, 10 x fitness-cardiotraining, 10 x specialized slimming and firming gymnastics, 10 x terrain treatment, 5 x dancing - zumba;

-          Shaping the figure: individual treatments for slimming and firming for 10 days, 5 x underwater massage, 5 x cellulite massage; 10 x body former, 10x herbal slimming tea / daily /;


Price from 520 EURO*

*price is for accommodation in hotel Dobrudja


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