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Autumn offers from Elements SPA

Спа есен в Албена

Autumn offers from Elements SPA


Throughout October, Elements Spa in Flamingo Grand Hotel 5*
presents to you "Secrets De Sothys":

"Secrets of Sothys" – selective high-class French Cosmetics
"Beauty is everything ...."

Unique procedures against aging and dehydration of the skin.
Therapies that protect the cells, remodel and eliminate stress, combine the visible effect with the pleasure they deliver to all your senses...
Let us reveal our secret to you!

Our special offers in October:

  • Body treatment “Hanakasumi” -Magical journey to the secrets of Japan.
    Unique relaxing SPA ritual-divine, floral, musky and ethereal aroma of cherry and lotus.
  • Seasonal Facial Treatment with oxygen and mineral
     Treatment with the irresistible scent of exotic fruits. It detoxifies and obtains the brilliant appearance of the skin. The face is shining and its natural beauty is revealed!

    Package price only in October: 125bgn.
  • Body treatment “Impressionists”
    Warm, sensual and luxury SPA ritual in the atmosphere of the oriental scents combined with relaxing techniques. Unique colors and extraordinary sense of vitality and harmony. It releases the tension and regains the good tone of the body.
  • Eye Contour Care
    Removes swelling and dark circles under the eyes. Smooths the contour and the fine wrinkles. Gives the eyes a fresh and rested appearance.

Package price only in October: 115bgn

Throughout October you can enjoy the following discounts:
From Monday to Thursday - 20% off from all body and facial treatments from Sothys
Friday, Saturday, Sunday - 10% off from all body and facial treatments from Sothys

All guests can also enjoy a 10% discount on all products from Sothys for home care.




A month of spa temptations in Elements Spa

  • moisturizing and nourishing face and body mask with pumpkin in a dry flotation bed Jouvence
    20min - 21bgn
  • "Warm touch from the Rhodope Mountains" - a back massage with warm Rhodopian roof-tiles
    20min - 25bgn
  • “Ultimate beauty” - express care for face, neck, and neckline   
    60min - 55bgn
  • Luxurious hydromassage bath with eucalyptus bath crystals
    20min - 25bgn


Prepare for Christmas and New Year's Eve at Elements Spa.

Only from 01.12 to 20.12 - "Elements Glow" - face and body therapies with immediate effect!

  • Watercolor scrub  - ”Peeling by measure”
    Eliminates the dead cells and cleans the skin deeply in a long-term.
    The therapy makes the skin soft, dense and resistant to external influences. 
    Your skin shines hydrated, nourished, soft, fine and elastic.
    25min - 40bgn
  • Thalasso Body Therapy
    A session that brings you back in shape and with which you can relax deeply... A real antidote to stress!
    60min - 75bgn
  • Refreshing therapy for face, neck, and neckline - intensive care for perfect hydration
    our skin is visibly more beautiful when it is hydrated!  Soft and elastic, calm and protected, it glows.
    40min - 40bgn
  • Unique treatment which remodels the oval of the face by Sothys
    It removes the stress from the skin, smooths and reduces the wrinkles.
    45min - 54bgn


Promotional packages for the period 01 October - 01 November 2018

A visit to the thermal zone "Fire and Ice"
Indoor heated pool, sauna, steam bath, caldarium, cascading shower, ice fountain and relaxing back massage.

  • One visit - 20 min - 48bgn
  • Three visits - 145bgn
  • Five visits - 240bgn

A complement to you: herbal tea served in the relaxation area of Elements Spa


Resesrvations and inforamtion:
Medica Albena: +359 878 853 172


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