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General Terms For Online Reservations Of PRIMORSKO CLUB EAD



The present terms for online reservations bind PRIMORSKO CLUB EAD to provide the requested and paid by the client reservation according to the presented by the client data in the reservation form concerning: name of client, hotel, period of stay, number of nights, number of adults and children, price per night.

The "Remarks" field in the reservation form does not have obligatory character for PRIMORSKO CLUB EAD and all the requests of the client, pointed in that field shall be satisfied only if and when possible.

In special situations that force change of the reservation details, PRIMORSKO CLUB EAD is obliged to provide to the client the relevant services in a hotel which class is not lower than the reserved.

In the reservation form children are considered the persons that have not completed 12 years of age in the date of arrival in the hotel.


The prices pointed in the website of PRIMORSKO CLUB EAD are end customer prices with 9% VAT, resort tax and insurance included. The whole sum that clients must pay is calculated automatically when the reservation is made in accordance with the booked stay, number of adults and children and with the actual price offer for the corresponding hotel.

PRIMORSKO CLUB EAD keeps its right to change the prices and special offers published in its website, in accordance with the market search and the available rooms at the moment. For reservations confirmed and paid by the client, the sum for the reservation does not change, no matter a new price offer is presented.

When making an online reservation, payment of the whole sum by debit/credit card should be made in the moment of booking. Transferring the whole sum by bank or via the payment systems PayPal or should be made not later than the specified in the reservation term.


In case of annulation, no show or change of already paid online reservation by the side of the client, PRIMORSKO CLUB EAD refunds, when requested :

  • if the annulation is more than 14 days before the arrival date White Lagoon AD refunds the entire sum without any penalty charges.
  • if the annulation is less than 14 days before the arrival date White Lagoon AD refunds the sum with 1 night (first night) penalty charge.

All banking fees and taxes for the refund are covered by the customer.


 By bank
The payment of the whole sum should be made not later than the specified in your online reservation term. After the payment is made, it is necessary to send copy of the payment order or payment slip on fax: +359 579 62575. The reservation number must be written in the reason or payment.When using e-banking for payment, it is necessary to send the details of payment at e-mail:


If the online reservation is not paid in the stated period your reservation shall be automatically cancelled by the reservation system.

In case you are not able to pay the sum for already made online reservation, please let us know on e-mail: or call us at: +359 579 62327. If this term is not observed PRIMORSKO CLUB EAD is in its right to seek responsibility for made and not paid reservations.

When making a reservation, which starting date is on the next day, we recommend that you execute the payment by debit/credit card, because this accelerates the process of reservation confirmation.

The present terms are valid for all the reservations made from the following websites:,,

Please address your questions concerning online reservations on e-mail: or call at phone: +359 579 62327.

To continue with the reservation process you have to confirm below that you are aware and you agree with the present GENERAL TERMS FOR ONLINE RESERVATIONS OF PRIMORSKO CLUB EAD


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Type of board 3.6%
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