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Night Bar Flamingo Grand

Night Bar Flamingo Grand   Night Bar Flamingo Grand

Working hours: 09:00 pm - 04:00 am
Seats: 150
Contacts: + 359 885 853 245 - Mirena Balcheva
Location: locally-located, part of Hotel "Flamingo Grand"

Credit card payments are available.

Night Club "Flamino GRAND" is the place where every guest can entertain in the late hours. The colours and searchlights recreate the sea bottom. It has capacity of 150 seats, allocated amphitheatrically. It offers an intimate atmosphere and an abundance of coctails and drinks.


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Price 38.6%
All of the following 22.6%
Distance to the beach 13.9%
Reviews of other hotel guests 10.7%
Category of the hotel 6.2%
Other reasons 4.5%
Type of board 3.6%
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