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What is promotion code?

What is a promotional code?

Through Promotional Code (PC) Albena allows you to make bookings with certain percentage discount. PC provides an additional discount to the discount for bookings on the website

Promotional codes can be disposable or temporary for a relevant promotion. Promotional codes can NOT be combined with other similar codes, early bookings, special offers or discounts for corporate clients.

 How to take advantage of the promotional codes of Albena?

It is sufficient to be a shareholder in Albena JSCo or Albena Invest Holding JSCo. If you are a shareholder of Albena JSCo, you should enter 16ALB07 in the "Discount code" field or 16AIH07 (in case that you are a shareholder of Albena Invest Holding JSCo). When your booking is already made, it is required to contact the call center operator of Albena on 070012110 or on 0579 62327 in order to tell the reservation number and verify that you are a shareholder of one of the mentioned companies. You can send your data (accompanied by a scanned depositary receipt) also on the following e-mail address:

Albena submits promotional codes during various campaigns and special promotions.  In order to receive regularly information about them, please subscribe to the newsletter of the resort. You can do this on the homepage of the site -
You can find promotional codes also in advertising promotions of Albena. Each code is accompanied by a description of the discounts it offers and the conditions of its use. The codes are active only at the time of the relevant promotion.



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