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Thematic evenings

Thematic evenings in Albena

If you are among the lucky ones who are spending their holidays at hotel "Gergana" this week, you will have the opportunity to make a real culinary journey around the world. In our tour are included: Serbian, Bulgarian, Chinese, Russian and Greek cuisines. On Friday evening our special culinary proposal is "The night of Neptune." Seafood and fish arrive each week from Greece and the expert chefs of Albena transform them into exquisite dishes. Hotel "Gergana" is not the only that offers such diversity. In the culinary fiesta are included also other hotels - "Flamingo Grand", "Kaliakra", "Malibu", "Laguna Beach", "Sandy Beach" and others. Each of them has created a culinary program consistent with the interest and the tastes of our customers. Their menus include also Italian, French, Mexican cuisine. During the Mexican evenings, a Mexican chef advises the guests about the dishes and mariachis from Mexico create an authentic atmosphere in the restaurants. The restaurant of hotel "Kaliopa", on its side, counts on a Greek bouzouki band.


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