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Vital Arthrofit

 Vital Arthrofit Medika Albena

11 nights / 10 days of procedures

For healthy muscles, joints and bones - motion without pain!

Individualized therapeutic-regenerative program, combining typical natural healing factors of the resort, such as sea climate, sea mud and mineral water. Suitable for complaints and chronic inflammatory diseases of the musculoskeletal system, the peripheral nervous system, certain skin diseases, degenerative changes in the joints - arthrosis, polyarthritis in chronic phase, deformities of the spine and osteoporosis; miofascial syndromes - chronic inflammatory changes in the muscles; chronic neuralgia, neuritis and radiculoneuritis, post-traumatic and postoperative conditions affecting joints - the muscle apparatus; psoriasis, neurodermatitis and others.

The individual program includes 35 treatments (3 to 4 per day) with a prescription.

- 2 x medical examination;
- 5 x thermal procedures / sea mud and fango paraffin /;
- 5 x bath with mineral water / hydro, steam /;
- 15 x instrumental physiotherapy: electrotherapy, ultrasound, low frequency magnetic field;
- 5 x therapeutic massage;
- 5 x gymnastics - individual exercise programs consistent with the complaints and aimed at improving physical activity.

 Price from 510 EURO*

*price is for accommodation in hotel Dobrudja

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