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Culinary temptations and ecologically clean products from Albena's gardens

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  • Retaurant Blue Essential
  • Restaurant Montgolfier
  • Nightclub
  • VIP Lounge
  • Lobby Bar
  • Burger Bar
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In Maritim Hotel Paradise Blue Albena 5* you will have the chance to enjoy incredible culinary temptations in the diverse menus of the gourmet restaurants, great burgers and pizzas in the burger bar by the pools and unforgettable cocktails and drinks in one of the bars. The meals in combination with accommodation are in the restaurant Blue Essentials in the form of a buffet with a variety of culinary offerings. When the hotel is occupied by less than 30 guests - meals are organized as a set menu.


Refreshing drinks, amazing cocktails and the best mood for your guaranteed fun.

VIP Lounge

An exquisitely elegant room on the 8th floor of the hotel where you can enjoy fine dining overlooking the sea. Ideal for breakfast, lunch or dinner. A breathtaking panorama view, lounge music, minimalist design in natural colours and French windows. Exquisite delicious dishes. Please, make a prior reservation.


Sparkling colours, variety of music, wild dancing and fun until sunrise. Exciting memories for your unforgettable vacation.

Lobby bar

Meeting point and an attractive space for conversations where you can relax on the comfortable sofas and enjoy the refreshing drinks, teas from around the world, light snacks and sweet temptations. The natural light and the blue decor create an atmosphere of perfect relaxation and joie de vivre.
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