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Burger Bar - Paradise Albena

Бургер Бар - Парадайс Блу Хотел & Спа 5*

The trends in nutrition change every season. Burgers are becoming more modern, with more and more flavors and ingredients. This food can change your mood in a positive way. Bread, meatball from a real meat and some vegetables are the perfect combination for a busy day of work, for a beach, picnic, match and party somewhere outside or even a family dinner.

The burger may not be the healthiest sandwich in the world but certainly is very tasty because it is made with real products. You can combine it with a soft drink, good beer or a glass of wine. If you have never been trying a fresh cooked burger in your life, visit the "Burger Bar" in hotel Paradise Blue. You will estimate the taste of "Black Angus" meat.

Perfect marbled, soft and delicious - delicacy of own production. "Aberdeen Angus" and "Galloway" calves are grown without the use of drugs, antibiotics or growth hormones, they are grown on a bio-certified farm entirely on a grazing basis. I this way we guarantee that we produce one of the finest beef not only in Bulgaria but also in the world. You can rest assured for your health and for the health of your family. We strictly observe all imposed practices to produce a product free of all pollutants and chemical preparation.

The burger can be enjoyed on the beach or around the pool. Garnish this gourmet experience with show programs on the hotel’s open stage. There is "Live Music" every Monday. Every Wednesday - hot emotions with the Latino Show. And on Friday - the dance performance "Wheel of Life"
The working time of the bar is from 11:00 am until 11:00 pm.
For reservations: +359 885 853 279 - Milen Petrov


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