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Flamingo Grand Hall

Зала Фламинго ГрандЗала Фламинго Гранд - схема

Hall: Flamingo Grand

Location: Hotel „Flamingo Grand"

Size: Length: 17 м. Width: 10.6 м. Height: 6 м.

Scene: Length: 4 м.  Width: 8 м. Height: 0.8 м.


   /Big/                /Small/
 Length: 4.5 м.     Length: 2.5 м.
 Width: 5.7 м.       Width: 2.3 м

Size: Hall 180.2 м2/ amphitheater 187 м2/ scene /not mobile/10.6 м2/

Capasity: 240 seats amphitheater style


- The media and stage technology is fully automated and can easily be controlled via a wall touch-panel
- A choice of large (6,00x4,50m) or double (each 2,50x1,90m) projection
- Several notebooks or other video sources can simply be plugged into the distributed patch-panels in the room. Those signals can be viewed on the 3 screen on stage or the monitors in the foyer.
- Audio devices such as CD or lap-tops and microphones can be plugged into patch-panels serving as a signal source for the sound system
- Perfect sound provided by the Meyer Sound audio system
- DVD- and CD-player, SAT-receiver for TV are pre-installed
- A 360° remote control camera is available to record the people, the show or products with the signal being seen on screens and monitors.
- Generously equipped with stage and effect-lighting
- For live operation like concerts and larger events an audio mixer and a light mixer can easily be integrated into the system.
- Mobile stage elements (2,00x1,00m) allow for a variable stage or catwalk in width and height
- Mobile conferencing system with 21 speaker positions is available, too.


The installed components from well-known manufacturers stand for the highest quality.




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