Albena celebrates the Holiday of France

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A hotel in Albena celebrates the Holiday of France with an Eiffel Tower from ice

There were many surprises for Laguna Beach guests

The French Club Hotel of TUI France from Club Lookéa chain - Laguna Beach in Albena celebrated solemnly the National Day of France. The cocktail started at 19:30, when all hotel guests were impatiently sitting in the garden to see the surprises that the animators and the restaurant and hotel staff had prepared for them. An ice sculpture of the Eiffel Tower, more than 1,000 bites, colorful cocktails, and lots of music were there for the guests, who, excited by their holiday, even forgot that they had an occasion to celebrate.

The Club Lookéa animation team presented all the managers who take care of the high quality of service in the complex - the chef, the manager of the restaurant and the bars, the assistants and, of course, the Directrice d'hôtel. After the short presentation, guests had the opportunity to enjoy all the beautiful and delicious bites and cocktails and later to taste the specially prepared dishes in the restaurant: royal shrimp, Black Angus steak and traditional French cheeses were just part of the varied festive menu of the restaurant for that day.

However, the evening did not end there. At 22 o'clock, the beach party has started, where the guests of Laguna Beach had fun and enjoyed another festive drink.

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