Protect your health by boosting your immunity with sauna

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Protect your health by boosting your immunity with sauna

The positive effects of the sauna are undeniable. In times like these, it is extremely important to strengthen our immune system.

See how the sauna and salt vapor treatment supports the immune system and can protect you from infections!

The typical course of coronavirus:

Coronaviruses are initially very similar to the common cold, first affecting the throat and upper respiratory tract. The pathogen infects the cells and reaches the lower respiratory tract, affecting the lungs in three phases:

- the virus multiplies and in the second phase causes a strong reaction by the immune system, which in turn, in some circumstances, destroys the lung tissue, as a result of which pneumonia can be develop.

The best prevention against coronavirus is a healthy lifestyle. This presumably includes three things: sports, a balanced diet and regeneration, and relaxation, which you can do with a visit to the sauna. What the virus does not like is the warm air in the sauna. Therefore, taking a sauna at a high temperature of 80-90 degrees and inhaling hot air is very useful. Regular visits will strengthen the immune system so that your body can better protect itself from viruses and possible colds.

Benefits of Sauna:

The health benefits of sauna are many. Nothing is more regenerative and healthier than profuse sweating every day. Not only do toxins leave the body, but muscle tension also weakens. Loosen up your muscles, relax mentally, emerge relaxed, revitalized and ready for everything that the new day will bring you.

A few minutes a day is all you need to look and feel better. The body's response to gentle, constant heat is extremely beneficial. That is why more and more doctors recommend the sauna as a method of prevention and even treatment for various diseases.

The sauna improves overall health and well-being

Not surprisingly, people who visit sauna often identify the number one benefit to be stress reduction. Medical research proves that stress in everyday life can negatively affect our health. In fact, most illnesses could be due to stress. The heat in the sauna relieves stress in many ways. This is a warm, quiet space, without noise and with soft light. Entering the sauna is like closing the door to the world. The heat from the sauna relaxes the muscles of the body, improves blood circulation and stimulates the release of endorphins, also known as the hormone of happiness.

The sauna helps for faster recovery after intense physical activity

The sauna relaxes the muscles and soothes the pain in both the muscles and the joints. The endorphins released from the body by the strong heat of the sauna can have a mild, pleasant calming effect, which leads to a reduction in joint and muscle pain caused by strenuous exercise. As the body temperature rises, the blood vessels dilate and the blood circulation in the body becomes more active. This increased blood flow in turn accelerates the body's natural self-healing process.

The sauna cleanses toxins from the body by causing the body to sweat

The main function of sweating is to cool the body. Although sweat consists of 99% water, deep sweating in a sauna can help reduce the levels of lead, copper, zinc, nickel, mercury and chemicals - these are the main toxins that accumulate in the body only from our interaction with daily life. The sauna is probably the best way to relax and detoxify your body.

The sauna helps to treat diseases

Medical research shows that saunas can significantly reduce the risk of colds and flu. While enjoying the warmth and soft light in the sauna, your body produces white blood cells faster, which helps fight disease and helps kill viruses. The sauna can relieve the unpleasant symptoms of sinus congestion from colds or allergies - especially when used with steam.

After sauna we sleep better

The heat in the sauna helps us relax and regulates the level of cortisol in the blood. Cortisol is the hormone that is released when we are under stress, and too high levels of cortisol can lead to several health problems, such as decreased immunity and low quality of sleep. The sauna not only reduces cortisol levels, but also helps in the serotonin synthesis - the hormone that plays an important role in regulating aggression, body temperature, mood, sleep, blood clotting, sexuality and appetite. It also has to do with aging, learning and memory. Low serotonin levels could be the cause of aggressive behavior, clinical depression, migraines, upset stomach and various nervous disorders.

At the same time, body temperature and endorphins rise in the evening and fall before bedtime. This slow, relaxing drop in endorphins is key to facilitating sleep and improving its quality.

The sauna improves the way you look

The heat in the sauna favors the cleansing of the skin. The sweating caused by the hot air stimulates the regeneration of the cells as well as the formation of new ones. The bacteria on the skin dies, the pores open, the circulation in the capillaries improves.

The process of sweating requires a significant amount of energy, this energy is obtained from the absorption of fats and carbohydrates in the body - a process that burns calories. That is why saunas not only promote good muscle condition, but also help to lose weight.

Live actively, take care of your body and give rest to your mind. This will help boost your immunity and prevent disease. Take care of yourself in these extremely risky times by relaxing in the sauna - a pleasant and non-committal way for a healthy body and a fresh mind.

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