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National Park Baltata

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National Park Baltata

Forest magic overflowing into turquoise sea dreams

The depths of the water or the forest’s majestic power? The waves’ sound or the calmness of the wind melody passing through the leaves of the trees. A wonderful vacation on the beach or a peaceful wild retreat in the forest? There are people who prefer spending their vacation on burning sands and sparkling sea waves hearing the sounds of seagulls and glaciers. Others would choose the romance of the wild woods with meandering eco paths, bewildered by the melody of forest birds. The choice may vary, but why do you have to select when you have the opportunity to get everything?

And now it is the right moment to say, pack your luggage, we are waiting for you in Albena, where the beauty of the Balta Wildlife National Park is intertwined with the turquoise waters of the Black Sea, divided by one of the largest golden beaches. A wonderful sea holiday with many opportunities for eco tourism.

Since we are always talking about the sea beauty of our favorite resort, beauty which is taking our breath with vastness and endless sea, let us this time introduce you the charming wildlife of Baltata’s nature. Why not combine your seaside vacation with the opportunity for hiking and discovering eco paths, meandering between trees, carried away into the fairy tale song of wild rare migratory birds.

It is not a secret that the renovated Baltata Reserve entices nature lovers with the completed tourist eco route between Albena and Kranevo. In the National Park you will find two eco paths next to two observation towers from which you may observe the typical birds and animals for the park. One of the eco paths starts from the alley next to “Forest King” in Albena. The route continues along “Gergana” Hotel to the firth of Batovska River, where it flows into the sea. From there the path crosses a wooden bridge. Nearby is the second observation tower and a 70-meter wooden path that leads inwards to the river's water mirror.

The fairy Baltata National Park is a maintained reserve, which means that it is an ecosystem comprising rare and / or endangered wild plant and animal species and their habitats. Biodiversity that extends over 205 hectares of land. The reserve covers the northest longozo forest (riverside forest) in Bulgaria and also in Europe.


The fairy beauty of the longozo forests.

Longozo forests are riparian forests with densely located trees, and their occurrence is associated with specific climatic, hydrological, historical and florogeographic conditions. These are young forests. They are formed on quaternary deposits, rich, moist and deep sediments, and marshy soils. Longozo forests appear for the first time at the end of the Ice Age and the beginning of the Holocene, when temperanatures and humidity begin to rise rapidly. They are typical for transitional continental and Mediterranean climate with mild and humid winter. The difference between a longozo forest like Baltata and other riparian forests in Bulgaria is that some evergreen and warm-loving species can be found. Despite its relatively young age (45-60 years) the longozo forest is extremely beautiful. The combination of light-loving and shade-loving trees and bushes creates a memorable ambiance. The two inseparable tree species - field elm and ash are the highest trees and they rise upto 30-35m high. Along with them there are summer oak, field maple, wild pear, common hornbeam, black alder, white poplar, white willow.

During spring when the river overflows, a different water layer is formed, which after about 1 - 1.5 months gradually drains into the river. During the summer the forest hydrological nutrition is carried out mainly by the shallow groundwater. Balta National Park is located at the mouth of Batova River, which twice a year during the spring high waters and during the autumn water rise emerges from its riverbed and drowns the forest. A beautiful and magical view showing how vast and colorful nature can be.


Colorful carpet of healing herbs

The multicolored carpet of herbs and flowers is another treasure of the national park. You may see marshmallows, peonies, irises, wild hyacinths, snowdrops, lily of the valley, medical rose, black oman and white oman, meadow, perch, willow and other.

Black and white oman are herbs known for their amazing healing properties. The essential oil of white oman favors conditions such as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, asthma, soothe cough. It is also used as a digestive stimulant and has anti-inflammatory, antiparasitic, antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Black Oman, on the other hand, hides its healing power at its root. Its most valuable ingredient is called allatonin, a substance that stimulates cell regeneration and the healing of bones, cartilage, muscles and tendons.

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