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You have probably come across dozens of articles and reports claiming that people from Western Europe pay less for their summer vacation. In fact, this is not a discriminatory practice, as you might be thinking. The low prices are the result of good planning. And good planning involves booking early your dream vacation.

Early bookings for the summer of 2020 at have been active since the end of August last year. Discounts started at 40%, allowing the most enthusiastic guests to book their summer vacations at surprisingly low prices. You still have a chance to take advantage of the special early booking deals you can find here

When making your booking it is important to keep in mind that the advance payment is not obligatory to be made immediately, but there is a certain period after which the reservation is automatically deleted. However, if you are in any way unable to make the payment on time, you can always count on the call center consultants to help you choose the payment option that is convenient for you. There are more than one or two ways to take advantage of the early bookings for summer seaside vacations in 2020.

If you need to change your plans, depending on the period in which you notify us, your booking may be canceled free of charge or for a minimal penalty fee. Payments are made in different ways - by bank transfer, card, PayPal or epay, and your security is guaranteed.

Why choose Albena for your well-planned vacation? The resort has everything you need for a perfect holiday. An endless beach with parasols and sunbeds free of charge for all guests, preserved nature, internal eco transport, dozens of sports and entertainment options, innovative spa centers, delicious food produced in our own organic gardens and friendly service. In short, a holiday village that will become your favorite destination for the whole family.

Take advantage of the early bookings for 2020 at!

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