European Resort of Sport

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With more than 40 sports that you can practice in the holiday village

European Resort of Sport - Albena

Stretching, CrossFit and Aerobics are an important part of the sports activities that can keep your seaside vacation active. For each of them, you can take part in the group classes organized by the animation teams at the hotels, but you also have the opportunity to enjoy independent training at the designated areas located on the beach and in the park area of Albena.


Stretching is a system of different types of stretching exercises, divided into two types - static and dynamic:

Dynamic stretching is the right warm-up before an active workout and is the key to maximum efficiency. Through controlled, rhythmic movements and strokes, you warm up the joints, muscles and tendons and improve the range of motion. A good warm-up is a foundation on which we build our workout and this why it is so important. Unfortunately, many people ignore it, thinking that it makes no sense and go directly to the exercise part, but this is the biggest mistake that can be made. Missing dynamic stretching or stretching improperly can ruin your workout because you will not be able to make the most of your body's potential. In addition, you run the risk of getting unwanted cramps and injuries that may hinder your future physical activity. Proper warm-up stimulates the flow of oxygen to the muscles and speeds up the heart rate, and also prepares the central nervous system and improves coordination between the brain and muscles. All these processes occurring with the help of dynamic stretching allow you to unleash your full training potential.


Static stretching or the so-called cool-down after a workout is the part where you stretch your muscles and adjoining tissues. It is a great way to complete straining exercise and recover from your workout. Its place is right after the end of the strength activities, because stretching in the beginning while the muscles are not yet warmed up will not prevent you from injury, but on top of that you also risk stretching or breaking the muscle before you begin.

Therefore, the main steps to the most effective workout are Dynamic stretching (warm-up), actual workout and Static stretching and recovery (cool-down).



Literally, the word "aerobics" means oxygen. It helps the harmonious development of the muscles, protecting you from piling up extra pounds. It improves the respiratory and cardiovascular systems and enhances metabolism. It is not a sport discipline, as there is no rivalry. Aerobics is an intermediate form between sports and recreation, with the primary goal of maximizing oxygen consumption and improving blood circulation through intense contraction and muscle relaxation. A simple definition of the term is low- to medium-intensity cyclical activity that loads the entire cardiovascular system. Aerobics is the best way to burn calories quickly and it will help you eliminate excess body fat while maintaining your muscle mass - only then will you have a fitted look.



is a training system that challenges not only the body but also the spirit, developing the basic physical qualities: strength, endurance, mobility, speed, balance, explosiveness, accuracy. The training sessions are short but intense and combine various elements of three sports - weight lifting, athletics and gymnastics. The idea of CrossFit is, as you become more powerful, enduring and athletic, to know the real limits of your abilities, pushing yourself, to experience the true pleasure of the challenge that the workout presents.

Crossfit is for people who are looking for dynamics and diversity. This training method is particularly prevalent in the preparation of athletes in a variety of sports because it is extremely far from the concept of "routine". Workouts usually happen in groups, going through warm-ups, specific exercise techniques of a particular movement (skill), the core part of the workout (WOD, or Workout of the day) and stretching. The load is short but intense – warm-up (dynamic stretching), training and cooling down (static stretching) last for no more than an hour, which makes CrossFit much sought after by people with a busy day. The intensity of the workout can be well described by the words that many avid CrossFit players say to fitness enthusiasts, namely: "Your workout is our warm-up!"



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