Swimming gives you energy and health

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Chained to a student's bench or desk at home, children spend more than 12 hours per day sitting. For adults, statistics are also not very encouraging. And here comes the role of sport to motivate us to move and stir the blood in our vessels. As a seaside destination with mineral water and incredible scenery, Albena is the perfect place to practice one of the most rewarding sports - swimming.

Here are 7 of its benefits that we learned from our friends and partners at the Grand Swimming Trainers swimming school.

1. It teaches us to save energy

You may have felt that the body is getting lighter in the water. This difference is as much as 50%. Logically, the difference in weight also affects the energy consumed to perform an activity - in this case, swimming. By getting used to swimming and saving energy, the body learns to consume less energy on land. The job of professional coaches at the Swimming School is to teach you how to be active while saving energy.

2. Strengthens muscles

It's no secret that swimming drives the whole body effectively, which leads to muscle strengthening. It does not accumulate huge and inefficient muscles, but on the contrary - the muscle mass is distributed evenly and we get a healthy and fit look, which once again reinforces the benefits of swimming over many other sports.

3. Helps the heart

One of the best cardio exercises we can give ourselves is swimming. As an aerobic sport, it makes our heart work more efficiently and pump more blood that reaches every muscle in our body. Swimming school coaches will help you keep fit while relaxing in the water.

4. Regulates body fat and cholesterol

As much as we try to hide our desire to look good, healthy weight is important, and maintaining it while swimming in a mineral pool is so much more enjoyable. Controlling cholesterol levels is essential for good health and keeping our body toned.

5. Improves brain activity and reduces stress

In the fight against stress, we are usually the losers. It comes from all sources around us – car traffic, the office, the queue in the supermarket, our news feed - it is swallowing us up and we have to look for an escape. One of the best ways to relax and forget about stress is swimming. Like in dolphins, it develops brain activity in humans and releases excess tension.

6. Leads to a longer life

Swimming is not just a sport but also a way to live longer and happier. A study by the University of North Carolina shows that people who swim regularly are 50% less likely to die at an early age. Given all its health benefits, it's no surprise that swimming leads to a longer and more fulfilling life.

7. Educates and entertains

Swimming requires self-discipline and dedication, which builds character traits. In addition, often in small groups, it creates lifelong friendships. Common interests in water sports cause adults and children to communicate frequently and thus become close. Communicating live in the 21st century is a value, and swimming definitely does not go hand in hand with a smartphone, but it means working out in a pleasant company.

If you are still looking for a reason to enroll in our Grand Swimming Trainers swimming school, you can check out the Christmas Party photos and the fun students had while showing what they have learned from their favorite coaches.


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