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Gifts from Albena

Published on 11 12 2019

Albena gives away Christmas & NY presents

in the form of discounts - up to 35% off

The holidays are approaching, and you are wondering what gifts to choose for your loved ones? There is almost no room under the tree, and you want to surprise them with something really big and desirable? Are you tired of going around the malls in search of what would make them happy?

Albena will save you the tiresome shopping trip with an idea for a really great gift: a family vacation filled with positive emotions, now at a special price with up to 35% off! If you book your vacation through albena.bg or call 0700 12 110, you will be able to take advantage of great discounts for a fabulous summer 2020.

An All-Inclusive vacation for the whole family will save you the hassle of choosing a restaurant or shop, cooking or finding the right dish on the menu. The comfort of your hotel room or apartment overlooking the sea or the park will allow you to relax and forget the obligations of routine everyday life. The guaranteed high quality of food for Albena's guests is another prerequisite for you to choose the resort for your holiday, filled with the aroma of the sea and a sense of freedom and freshness. Animation teams will provide fun for both adults and children, and in the SPA centres, you will enjoy real relaxation. A rich cultural program throughout the summer and dozens of sporting opportunities will diversify the experience worth giving.

If you are already convinced that this is the right present for your loved ones, do not hesitate to book now at albena.bg or by calling 0700 12 110.


Albena – a gift beautiful by nature!


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