Workout among nature

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Workout among nature

A sound mind in a sound body during vacation

Keeping your mind and body sound among nature while enjoying a seaside vacation is not unthinkable. Maintaining good body tone and feeling fresh are just some of the reasons to start practicing sports. Gyms and group workout centers are not the only place we can do it.

How about an outdoor workout at the beach while you enjoy the sound of the sparkling sea waves or the soft greenery in the park? Where? In Albena, of course, because there is everything for everyone here. Why interrupt your favorite workouts while on holiday in Bulgaria when you can do them on one of the outdoor sports grounds in the complex. Stay active and in good shape while on the Black Sea coast. Encourage your body and free your mind with seaside workouts illuminated by the morning sun while breathing the beneficial iodine vapors. Not only does Albena offer its guests the immersive coziness of family hotels, the crystal-clear waters of the sea and the golden sands of the coastline, but also the opportunity to retain their sporty shape with modern outdoor fitness sites. Is there something better than doing exercises outside and vitalizing your body with toning fresh air? What is more stress relieving than fresh breeze and birds’ tweets?

10 Reasons why the outdoor trainings are better than the workouts in the jym

1. Decreases the blood pressure and the stress
Scientific research has proven that outdoor training reduces blood pressure and heart rate. As a result, exercising outside feels less stressful than indoor exercise, which stimulates you to maximize your performance. Outdoor workouts push you closer to your endurance limit and allow you to beat your personal best!

2. Outdoor trainings help against insomnia

Regular outdoor workouts and fresh air will help you overcome insomnia and enjoy a good deep sleep.

3. Sun rays
The benefit of sunlight to the human body is crucial. It is a source of Vitamin D, which supports the musculoskeletal system, bone system and reduce the risk of depression. Sun rays also improve muscle energy generation and tissue oxidation. Fresh outside air and natural light increase the energy of body and soul. However, be sure to use sun protection oil and drink more water, as it is important to protect yourself from dehydration and burns.

4. Free workouts
Outdoor fitness is a friend of your purse! Outdoor playgrounds are open and free to use.

5. Outdoor workouts save you time and are environment friendly

Outdoor fitness sites are often very close to you. Modern facilities are rapidly coming in and new and new locations are emerging. Save time and fuel by reaping the benefits of this new and enjoyable way to achieve an athletic and healthy body.

6. Diversity of the workouts

Diversify your workouts! Do your outdoor workout by including more self-weight exercises. Most of these exercises train several joints at the same time, which improves the quality of workload, balance, coordination and mobility as a whole.

7. Opportunity to try something new
Reach a new level in your workouts! Add new exercises and train different muscle groups or create a whole new workout plan. Make your workout different, more effective and energizing.

8. Visit different outdoor training sites
Take a rest from the crowded and stuffy gyms and bring freshness to your workout! Take advantage of the countless opportunities that outdoor sites give you to fit and strengthen your body. Find sports application in trivial elements of the infrastructure environment such as stairs, park alleys, playgrounds, sports fields, exercise parks.

9. Opportunity to train with company
Most outdoor fitness sites are completely free, allowing you to enjoy a pleasant company of friends you don't go to the same gym with. Share experiences and ideas with them to make your workout more effective. It is also possible to make new contacts with people who share your passion - outdoor workouts.

10. Good mood

All in one, outdoor exercises enhance your body shape and are a source of joy that makes you more active and demanding, giving you a good mood.

Don't wait, live actively and discover your favorite outdoor fitness site!

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