Post-COVID medical rehabilitation program

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In response to the pandemic that holds the world in tension for a year, Albena presents:

Medical rehabilitation program for recovery after COVID-19 illness

The program has been developed by a team of professionals:

  • headed by Prof. Dr. Kisyova, MD - awarded the badge of honor of the pulmonology community, longtime head of the Department of Lung Diseases at MU Varna, Specialist in Internal Medicine, Lung Diseases and Clinical Allergology;
  • and together with Dr. Rumyana Malcheva, a leading pulmonologist in the team of the Department of Internal Medicine at the Hospital of Balchik;
  • Dr. Ognyan Softov expert with over 35 years of experience in the fields of physical and rehabilitation medicine;
  • Prof. Dr. Encho Kalchev, MD with over 90 scientific publications, who introduced endoscopic (bloodless) operations in Eastern Bulgaria and first introduced the principles of one-day surgery with its typical rapid recovery and quick return to daily life.

The program has three options available:

> 6 treatment days at a price of EUR 149.90 per person

> 10 treatment days at a price of EUR 229.90 per person

> 14 treatment days at a price of EUR 319.90 per person

For optimal results, Prof. Dr. Kisyova recommends a course of 14 treatment days of rehabilitation.

The program starts with a doctor's examination and a comprehensive health assessment. After a consultation with our doctors and a series of tests (if necessary), an individual treatment plan is prepared, which includes 3 to 5 procedures per day from the following:

  • Inhalations with sea water
  • Healing mud or sea lye applications
  • Hydrotherapy - pearl or vortex bath with extracts of herbs
  • Medical chest massage
  • Breathing gymnastics
  • Field treatment through walks along the beach or in the Baltata National Reserve
  • Oxygen therapy using an oxygen concentrator (if prescribed by a doctor) *
  • Imaging (scanner) and laboratory tests in the cabinet of Dr. Malcheva (if prescribed by a doctor)*
  • Immunobuster - smoothies and shakes to strengthen the immune system
  • Phytotherapy with herbal healing tea
  • Pool with mineral water

*Additional payment is required

Program with accommodation and meals included

You can combine the program with accommodation and meals on a special healthy high-calorie menu, which offers a delicious variety of nutritious breakfast; 4-course lunch with products from local producers; immune-boosting smoothies and shakes, protein bars and pies for a complete snack; and a 4-course dinner of selected specialties prepared by the top chefs of Albena.

Flamingo Grand Hotel & SPA 5*

Accommodation in a Deluxe Studio at Full Board on a special menu at a price of EUR 40.90 per person per day:

> А 7-day stay when accommodating two adults in a room: EUR 286.40 / person

  • supplement for single accommodation: EUR 89.50 / person
  • supplement for a child from 2 to 11.99 years: EUR 71.90 / child

*Can be combined with 6 treatment days

> An 11-day stay when accommodating two adults in a room: EUR 450.00 / person

  • supplement for single accommodation: EUR 140.90 / person
  • supplement for a child from 2 to 11.99 years: EUR 112.50 / child

*Can be combined with 10 treatment days

> A 21-day stay when accommodating two adults in a room: EUR 859.00 / person

  • supplement for single accommodation: EUR 268.50 / person
  • supplement for a child from 2 to 11.99 years: EUR 225.50 / child

*Can be combined with 14 treatment days

To make a reservation you can reach out to our Call Center Albena at:

Additional information:

1. If necessary, after consultation with a doctor and check of the level of oxygenation, an additional procedure "Oxygen therapy using an oxygen concentrator" is prescribed - according to a scheme and at an additional cost.

2. If necessary and after a medical examination, further diagnostic methods may be appointed - image diagnostics and / or laboratory tests – at an additional cost according to a pre-determined price list.

3. It is obligatory to appoint additional functional tests with pulse oximeter and spirometry.

4. Please bring a lung x-ray and blood tests for the primary medical examination. In the presence of concomitant diseases, please provide the medical team with the necessary information and tests and medications. If necessary, additional tests will be ordered.

For optimal results, we recommend up to 21 days of rehabilitation.

* Please note that the program is not appropriate for people who have active COVID-19 disease and / or show symptoms of the same. 90 days of past COVID-19 infection are required.

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