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Restaurant Celebritá
With Italian finesse

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Restaurant Celebritá

Have you been to the Mediterranean recently? No need to look for a flight - the restaurant with the vibrant name Celebrita (from Italian - celebrity) gives you the opportunity to take a culinary journey to the exotic European South and feel the taste of Italy. The most delicious pizza cooked in a traditional oven, fresh homemade pasta, rich wines and much more awaits you in the heart of Albena.

You can reserve your table at Celebrita Restaurant as part of the Dine Around program. The restaurant is typically furnished in Italian, and the unique atmosphere and friendly attitude are more than guaranteed.

Click the button below to see our beverage menu:

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Lunch menu

Friday /2 December 2022/


Caprese salad with buffalo mozzarella and basil pesto

300gr - 5.00 BGN


Homemade tarama caviar

200gr - 4.00 BGN


Katak with roasted pepper

200gr - 4.00 BGN


Meatball soup

300gr - 4.50 BGN

Main dishes

Grilled bream with grilled vegetables

400gr - 9.50 BGN


Chicken fillet with blue cheese sauce and risotto

350gr - 6.80 BGN


Game kebab with baked potatoes

350gr - 10.00 BGN


Pork kebabche

80gr - 2.20 BGN


Pork meatball

80gr - 2.20 BGN


French fries

150gr - 3.50 BGN


Fries with cow's cheese

180gr - 4.50 BGN


Italian ice cream

80gr - 3.50 BGN


Chocolate cake

150gr - 4.00 BGN


Roasted pumpkin with honey and walnuts

120gr - 3.90 BGN


Elena style pork leg

100gr - 6.90 BGN


Fillet 'Elena

100gr - 6.90 BGN


Chopped bacon

100gr - 2.90 BGN



100gr - 2.90 BGN

The lunch menu in the restaurant is until 15:30

Main menu



Cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, olives, avocado mousse with basil pesto

350 gr. – 15,30 BGN



Buffalo mozzarella, tomatoes and fresh basil pesto

300 gr. – 11,40 BGN



Mozzarella, tomatoes, cucumbers, crutones, basil pesto

300 gr. – 11,60 BGN


Summer salad

Peeled seasonal pink tomato, homemade roasted and marinated pepper, red onion brunoise, olives, grilled goat cheese and balsamico dressing, olive oil, garlic and walnuts

350 gr. – 14,00 BGN


Greek salad

Tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, peppers, olives and feta cheese

350 gr. – 11,60 BGN


Hоuse made ,,Tarama” caviar

Codfish caviar, toasted bread, olives, lemon

200 gr. – 9,60 BGN


Pate of mascarpone

Cow milk cheese, fresh basil and garlic bruschetta

200 gr. – 9,80 BGN


Frutti di mare soup

Blacksea mussles, calmars and fish

300 gr. – 11,00 BGN


Soup of the day

300 gr. – 6,50 BGN



Pancetta, fresh pasta, parmesan and cream

350 gr. – 14,90 BGN



Minced beef Black Angus, pasta, tomato sauce and parmesan

350 gr. – 14,90 BGN


Lasagna Bolognese

Individually baked lasagna with minced beef Black Angus, tomato sauce, pasta, béchamel, parmesan and mozzarella

350 gr. – 16,00 BGN


Lasagna vegetariana

Pasta, tomato sauce, béchamel, spinach, ricotta and parmesan

350 gr. – 14,80 BGN



Arborio rice, cream and mix of italian cheeses

250 gr. – 13,80 BGN


Prosciutto e Lardon

Arborio rice, cream, prosciutto, bacon lardon and parmesan

250 gr. – 15,70 BGN


Frutti di mare

Arborio rice, cream, seafood mix and parmesan

250 gr. – 18,50 BGN


Margherita classic

Tomato sauce, mozzarella and fresh basil

400 gr. – 13,50 BGN



Mozzarella, pork ham, tomato sauce, mushrooms and olives

400 gr. – 14,80 BGN



Mozzarella, pepperoni and tomato sauce

400 gr. – 15,80 BGN


Quattro formaggi

Mozzarella, blue cheese, parmesan and smoked cheese

400 gr. – 14,60 BGN



Tomato sauce, mozzarella and fresh vegetables

400 gr. – 14,20 BGN


Prosciutto e funghi

Mozzarella, tomato sauce, pork ham and mushrooms

400 gr. – 14,80 BGN


Frutti di mare

Tomato sauce, mozzarella, tuna, seafood mix

400 gr. – 15,80 BGN


Duck magret

Duck magret sous vide, finished on a slab, garnished with einkorn wheat, vegetable ragout, red herbal wine sauce and homegrown garden cherries

350 gr. – 26,40 BGN


Duck leg confit

Duck leg with pate of root vegetables, aromatic forest raspberries and mint coulis

350 gr. – 18,30 BGN


Grilled chicken fillet

Chicken fillet with sauteed vegetables and tomato pesto with basil

350 gr. – 17,20 BGN


Grilled pork steak with bone

Pork steak, roasted herbal potatoes with smoked pepper

400 gr. – 24,20 BGN


Grilled pork neck steak

Pork neck boneless, roasted potatoes and mushroom sauce

400 gr. – 14,30 BGN


Grilled veal sujuk sausage

Veal sujuk sausage, homemade roasted potatoes with bbq sauce

350 gr. – 16,80 BGN


Ribeye steak with pasta pappardelle

Ribeye steak, pappardelle and parmesan with aromatic coffee and refined butter sauce

400 gr. – 74,60 BGN


Beef filet

Beef filet, forestiere sauce and potato gnocchi with pecorino

400 gr. – 49,30 BGN



Black Angus beef, with orzo pasta, tomato-vegetable sauce and pureed potatoes

400 gr. – 26,10 BGN


Grilled T-bone steak

T-bone steak Black Angus, asparagus, parmesan and pepper sauce

400 gr. – 75,50 BGN


Black Angus veal meatballs

Black Angus minced veal meatballs, pureed potatoes and basil tomato sauce

350 gr. – 18,80 BGN


Lamb chops

Lamb shops, marinated in garden fragrances with mashed smoked root vegetables and sauce of wild berries and aromatic mature red wine

300 gr. – 44,80 BGN


Deep fried squid

Squid in crispy beer batter

250 gr. – 13,60 BGN


Squid in a skillet

Squid with butter - lemon sauce

300 gr. – 20,60 BGN


Salmon pave

Salmon, asparagus cream, citrus sauce and raspberry coulis

300 gr. – 36,00 BGN


King shrimp tails

King shrimp tails, with mango chutney, cointreau, spicy chili and aromatic linden tea

300 gr. – 24,80 BGN


Octopus in a skillet

Octopus with fresh summer flavors, cream of roasted vegetables, potato confit and anise sauce

300 gr. – 28,00 BGN


Black sea mussels

Mussels, white wine, herb butter and garlic

300 gr. – 20,60 BGN


St. Jacques scallops

St. Jacques scallops, spicy taste of chorizo with mushroom ragout and creamed peas

300 gr. – 28,10 BGN


Grilled Sea Bream

Sea Bream, sauteed vegetables and lemon butter with rosemary

350 gr. – 26,80 BGN


Grilled Sea Bass

Sea Bass, sauteed vegetables and vanilla sauce

350 gr. – 26,80 BGN


Seasonal fresh catched fish

Such as horse mackerel and turbot, when available, will be offered by the restaurant team



130 gr. – 7,00 BGN



120 gr. – 7,00 BGN


Walnut cake with honey and lime

150 gr. – 7,00 BGN


Panna cotta

120 gr. – 7,00 BGN

Drinks (for delivery)

The taste of Albena - our own production

Natural, cold-pressed juice (bag in box) from fruits of Albena's gardens - 3 liters

Apple - 8,00 BGN

Pear - 9,00 BGN


Grape Rakia

0.700 liters - 16.00 BGN

Cherry Rakia

0.500 liters - 16.00 BGN

Plum Rakia

0.700 liters - 14.30 BGN


Soft drinks

Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite & Tonic

1.500 liters - 2.70 BGN

Schweppes Club Soda

1.250 liters - 2.30 BGN

Mineral water

1.500 liters - 1.50 BGN




0.500 liters - 2.70 BGN

Stella Artois

0.500 liters - 2.70 BGN


0.500 liters - 2.70 BGN


0.500 liters - 3.70 BGN

Guinness Draught

0.440 liters - 4.00 BGN

Guinness Extra Stout

0.330 liters - 4.00 BGN


0.330 liters - 2.70 BGN


0.355 liters - 4.00 BGN

Heineken 0.0%

0.330 liters - 2.70 BGN


White wines

Chardonnay Geranea Albena

0.750 liters - 9.00 BGN

Chardonnay Barrel Geranium Albena

0.750 liters - 12.00 BGN

Sauvignon Blanc Geranea Albena

0.750 liters - 9.00 BGN

Muskat Geranea Albena

0.750 liters - 9.00 BGN

Viognie Geranea Albena

0.750 liters - 9.00 BGN

Kupazh Geranea Albena

0.750 liters - 9.00 BGN

Riesling & Varnenski Misket Varna winery

0.750 liters - 13.50 BGN

Tamyanka Kalacerka Calacria 

0.750 liters - 13.50 BGN

3.000 liters (bag in box) - 21.00 BGN


Rose wines

Rose “Blush” Varna winery  

0.750 liters - 13.50 BGN

Rose Shiroka Melnishka Zlaten Rozhen winery Melnik

0.750 liters - 13.50 BGN

3.000 liters (bag in box) - 24.00 BGN

“Le Rose” Syrah, Malbec & Cabernet Franc Katarzyna

0.750 liters - 19.00 BGN


Red wines

Melnishki Kupazh Zlaten Rozhen winery Melnik

0.750 liters - 13.50 BGN

5.000 liters (bag in box) - 35.00 BGN

Melnishki Cepage Zlaten Rozhen winery Melnik

0.750 liters - 23.00 BGN

Shiroka Melnishka Zlaten Rozhen winery Melnik

3.000 liters (bag in box) - 24.00 BGN

SANSI Sangiovese & Syrah Zlaten Rozhen winery Melnik

0.750 liters - 19.00 BGN

SMS Syrah, Merlot & Sangiovese Varna winery

0.750 liters - 13.50 BGN

Stallion Classic Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot & Syrah Angel's Estate

0.750 liters - 24.00 BGN

Contemplations Merlot & Malbec Katarzyna

0.750 liters - 18.00 BGN

“La Verite” Cabernet Franc Katarzyna

0.750 liters - 32.00 BGN

Price for delivery: 4.00 BGN

Delivery area:

All hotels and villas within Albena Resort
Balchik /incl. Lighthouse Golf & Spa/

Gen. Kantardzhievo

/incl. their villa areas/

The restaurant is open every day. Deliveries would be accepted from 11 am to 6:30 pm.


+359 (0) 885 853 416 
+359 (0) 700 12 110

Working hours - A la carte Restaurant
11:00 - 20:30
+359 885 853 416
Food delivery
+359 885 853 416 || 0700 12 110
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