5 reasons to choose hotel Gergana 4* for your dream vacation

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5 reasons to choose hotel Gergana 4* for your dream summer vacation

Again, we have prepared the top 5 reasons for you to choose the favorite for many hotel Gergana 4*. Because we’d rather let you know its advantages, instead of just leaving you search endlessly.

>> A unique location where the forest touches the sea. The hotel is located right on the beach. On one side Batovska river flows into the sea, passing through the wild forest of Baltata Nature Reserve. Just imagine how beautiful the quiet mornings here are, carrying the song of the forest birds with the summer breeze, while your eyes enjoy the incredible view of the seemingly endless sea.

>> No cars - Hotel Gergana is located in a pedestrian zone without car access. Of course, environmentally friendly electric transport is provided at check-in and check-out. Isn't this the perfect place for a family vacation, where you will feel completely relaxed while your children play?

>> The unique new River Side and Sea Side studios offering a 5-star comfort, breathtaking views and access to the VIP area on the beach. The studios are so amazing that they surpass the luxury of many of the five-star hotels you have ever looked for.

>> VIP area on the beach and free WiFi access, for the perfect remote office. Why work from boring places, when you can do it from the beach with Beach & Work Albena.

>> Great and diverse All Inclusive with fresh and natural products from the farm of Albena Eco Agro.


The reasons certainly do not end there, but we will leave the rest to you. Hotel Gergana 4* awaits

Gergana 4* is the hotel of the week from July 5th until July 11th, 2021.

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