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Baltata Nature Reserve

The dense forest reserve "Baltata" contributes greatly to the unique natural conditions that Albena offers to its guests. The reserve spreads out on 183 ha longoz forest, starting from the main road Kranevo - Albena, continues behind the hotels in the resort and reaches the open waters of the Black Sea. Nowadays "Baltata" is an integral part of Albena; together they offer a unique combination of preserved nature and a modern tourist resort providing differrent forms of recreation and ecotourism.

The ecologic policy of the Albena is concentrated entirely of preserving the natural environment. Due to the standards of the European community are created working groups for systematic research of the eco parameters of the environment in the resort and the nearby area. Albena is the only resort in Bulgaria which has its own climate observing station, equipped for studying the sun shining and the ultra violet parameters, the air temperature and the humidity, wind direction and speed, sea water temperature, etc.

The forests in the reserve are mostly ash-tree and mixed plantations. The average age of the trees is 60 years.

In the managed nature reserve and its buffer are found 263 sorts higher plants, 184 genuses and 62 families. The law-protected plants in the Balatata reserve are 28. 16 of them are in the Red Book of Bulgaria. These are the lians, the silk vine, the forest grape vine, the high privet. The most common is the summer snowflake.


Forests at the Reserve are pure ashl-tree and Fraxinus oxycarpa. The average age of the forests is 60 years. There are 28 types of plants that are protected by law. These are lians, Periploca graeca L, Vitis vinifera L. ssp. sylvestris (C. C. Gmel.) Hegi, Smilax excelsa L., 7 from the 116 kinds of healing plants are protected by law. Fernlike plants are 5% of all families in the Reserve.


Invertebrate animals include 337 land and water groups - there many of them that you can meet only here.

There are 16 fish species. 4 of them are included in the Red Book of Bulgaria at the Category "Protected Species". These are the stickleback, the atherina, the rayfinned fish and the carp. The most common is the bullhead.

Amphibian and Reptiles
Specific to the region are the newt, the green toad, the tree and the big water frog, the green and the wall lizard, the slow worm, the grass-snake, the adder, vipar etc. Special attention should be paid to a specific type of torose, because they are very vulnerable and their places of living are usually near the road.

In Balata Reserve there are 183 kinds of birds. 167 of them are protected by law. Most intersting are the heron and the egret, the white and the black stork, the crane, the mallard, the titmouse, the nightningale, the shrill eagle, the woodpecker, the blackpoll warbler.

35 species of mammals inhabit the territory of  the "Baltata" Nature Reserve: - insectivorous, bats, rodents, predators and cloven-footed animals. Most often seen are the hedgehog, the bat, the molehill, the squirrel, the hare, the water-rat, the nutria, the jackal, the fox. Priority attention is given to the otter.



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