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Spa and Wellness Center

Find your wellness world

With marvelous sandy beach, fresh air breeze, mineral waters and curative mud, ALBENA is truly a special place where natural energy and beauty are restored and a sense of well-being is created.

ALBENA offers two exclusive Spa & Wellness Centers - each setting with its own special charm, providing the complete Spa- experience you deserve, accented with individual treatment and gentle service.

  • ELEMENTS SPA is part of the Flamingo Grand Hotel is the newest and most luxurious wellness center in the Albena resort, proud descendant of the great traditions of Medika - Albena.

  • SPA CENTER MEDIKA-ALBENA, situated in the heart of Albena Resort in the hotel Dobrudja, developed reputation for both its traditional physiotherapeutic methods, combined with the latest wellness trends and cosmetic therapies. MEDICA-ALBENA extends its offering to cover a wide range of services: hydrotherapy, mud-cure, fango and wax applications, phytotherapy, acupuncture, thalasso therapy, curative gymnastics, classic and aroma - therapeutic massages, zone-therapy and acupressure.

  • RALITSA SUPERIOR SPA CENTER is a four-star boutique Spa. It is the perfect place for you to bring harmony and balance to your body and find the way to good health, natural beauty and vitality. In addition to its relaxing and luxurious environment, a rich variety of facilities and treatments is ensuring the high-quality Spa-product: baths with mineral water, enriched with micronized seaweeds, curative salts, herbs and essential oils, Jacuzzi, special rooms for thermo-therapy, sauna and steam bath, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, gym, beauty farm.

You can leave the busy world behind and find yourself in the fascinating and luxurious environment of our Spa Center. Taking advantage of the rich natural recourses and the modern wellness tendencies, special short-term packages are elaborated to achieve the desired result - total relaxation, refreshment and elimination of the stress. Pamper your body and indulge your senses with top quality cosmetic products. Enjoy our “beauty rituals” for face and body care featuring the ultimate chocolate & grapes therapies, seaweed body wrappings, face and body peeling, therapies with anti-aging and silhouette firming effect.


For information and reservations:

Medi-SPA Center „Medica Albena”
9620 Albena Resort, Bulgaria
Tel.: +359 579 62482
Fax.: +359 579 62492


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